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Old and new: Catwoman theme in 1992 and 2012:

This is Danny Elfman’s Catwoman suite from ‘Batman Returns’. Personally, I think that two first Batman movies were musically (and not only) superb. The intelligence and refinement of the theme speak for themselves.

And this is the new Catwoman theme by Hans Zimmer from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. It is not bad, but the use of violin in Danny Elfman’s theme works much better for Catwoman character. One wonders if Zimmer wanted to avoid connections with Elfman’s theme, and therefore selected piano not violin. 

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Hans Zimmer's newest score, “The Dark Knight Rises,” is quite disappointing. Despite his declarations, this is not a revolution: just more of the same. He introduced two new themes, one for Bane, prominently shown in the track above, another one for Catwoman. The theme for Bane was recorded with thousands of voices of contributors of the site UJAM singing “Deh-Shay Deh-Shay Bah-Sah-Rah!,” which is quite cool. The score itself, nevertheless, does not differ much from two other scores to previous installments of the trilogy.

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